EST 2016

Rae Dunn Red Jingle Bells Mug

Rae Dunn Jingle Bells Canister

Rae Dunn Santa's Cookies Canister

Rae Dunn Merry Christmas Canister

This seller must have interned in the North Pole at Santa's workshop. Absolutely the most detailed and secure package wrapping that I have ever seen. The cookie jar (five stars as expected) was secure enough to be sent on a NASA spacecraft. Thank you for a great experience.


I was so worried that I wouldn't get this mug in time but it arrived faster than I anticipated and I love it!! Thank you for packing it very carefully and shipping it so quickly! :)


Love, love, love the mug!! Delivery was prompt and packaging was superior. I think an elephant could have stepped on this package and the mug would have survived!!